We Specialize in the Manufacture of Quality Tactical Breaching Tools

The best most reliable breaching tools ever created.

Double-Tap Breaching Tools® are a true revolution in tactical breaching tool technology. They use an advanced locking device that adds strength and ease of operation to enhance operator speed and comfort. These are the only tools on the market with an internal anti-blowback device.

The "Floating Mass" adds impact forces to reduce bounce back and vibration, common with other hammers, and also transfers more energy into the target.

Tool Operating Instructions
Double-Tap Breaching Tools® were designed by a master breacher who was fed up with the lack of reliable breaching tools on the market. He took many years of "Real World" experience and a profound knowledge of mechanical design and built the next generation of breaching tools. Tools that will not fail when you need them, guaranteed! No short cuts were taken in the developmental process. The highest quality of US made materials and equipment are used in the construction. Each tool is machined from billets of the appropriate metal to exacting standards. This ensures that the end product is as strong as possible and makes them the most reliable breaching tools available today. Ask yourself this "Would I rather buy the best tool once or chinese made tools over and over again?

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