I'm a state of California senior SWAT trainer and Team leader. We train and are responsible for over 450 SWAT / Hostage rescue personnel in every clime and geographical location within the state of California. I have been in this posting exceeding 20 years. I have seen, used and or experienced nearly every product relative to our responsibilities. I received your product as promised recently without delay and promptly began evaluating it for use by our teams / personnel. The fit and finish of this product exceeded all of my and our expectations. We have used and tested the device extensively and found it to far surpass its suggested load limits and quality in all areas evaluated. I want to personally and professionally thank you for an exceptional product and the application of real experience with innovation. I cannot recommend you, your customer service and products enough. Please feel free to have anyone with questions call me directly.

I openly and wholeheartedly recommend your complete product line sincerely, honestly and enthusiastically without hesitation.

Monte Le Gould
State Peace officer (SWAT / HRT Trainer and Team Leader)